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Date: Tue, 06 Jun 2017 18:54:41 +0200

commit 9792967307fc14fa70b77ef5cc250463a1e1e08a
Author: Jan Christoph Ebersbach <jceb_AT_e-jc.de>
Date: Tue Jun 6 18:54:29 2017 +0200

    [st] Fix code formatting

diff --git a/st.suckless.org/patches/fix_keyboard_input.md b/st.suckless.org/patches/fix_keyboard_input.md
index 49f0e67..8c7a4a9 100644
--- a/st.suckless.org/patches/fix_keyboard_input.md
+++ b/st.suckless.org/patches/fix_keyboard_input.md
_AT_@ -21,42 +21,33 @@ Notes
  - If you use `<C-[>` for `<Esc>`, I suggest that you remove the following line
    from this patch to reenable the behavior:
         { XK_bracketleft, ControlMask, "", 0, 0, 0},
  - If you use `<C-6>` for changing to the alternative file, I suggest that you
    remove the following line from this patch to reenable the behavior:
         { XK_6, ControlMask, "", 0, 0, 0},
  - I'm not yet sure how to bind the new mappings to actions in viom. It works
    for some keys while others appear to be not working at all. The first
    mappings work for me with the patch while from the latter only `<S-Tab>`
-nmap <C-enter> :echo "<C-enter>"<CR>
-nmap <C-S-enter> :echo "<C-S-enter>"<CR>
-nmap <C-S-M-enter> :echo "<C-S-M-enter>"<CR>
-nmap <S-M-enter> :echo "<S-M-enter>"<CR>
-nmap <M-enter> :echo "<M-enter>"<CR>
-nmap <C-M-enter> :echo "<C-M-enter>"<CR>
-nmap <C-Tab> :echo "<C-Tab>"<CR>
-nmap <C-S-Tab> :echo "<C-S-Tab>"<CR>
-nmap <S-Tab> :echo "<S-Tab>"<CR>
-nmap <M-Tab> :echo "<M-Tab>"<CR>
+ nmap <C-enter> :echo "<C-enter>"<CR>
+ nmap <C-S-enter> :echo "<C-S-enter>"<CR>
+ nmap <C-S-M-enter> :echo "<C-S-M-enter>"<CR>
+ nmap <S-M-enter> :echo "<S-M-enter>"<CR>
+ nmap <M-enter> :echo "<M-enter>"<CR>
+ nmap <C-M-enter> :echo "<C-M-enter>"<CR>
+ nmap <C-Tab> :echo "<C-Tab>"<CR>
+ nmap <C-S-Tab> :echo "<C-S-Tab>"<CR>
+ nmap <S-Tab> :echo "<S-Tab>"<CR>
+ nmap <M-Tab> :echo "<M-Tab>"<CR>
 - I tried to create mappings in vim the following way but it didn't work
-nmap <Esc>[9;5u :echo "<C-Tab>"<CR>
+ nmap <Esc>[9;5u :echo "<C-Tab>"<CR>
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