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    dwm customization: header style
    remove bold from header style (double bold).

diff --git a/dwm.suckless.org/customisation/index.md b/dwm.suckless.org/customisation/index.md
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_AT_@ -3,8 +3,8 @@ Customisation
 **dwm** is customised by editing **config.h**, a C language header file, and
 **config.mk**, a Make include file.
-What is **config.h**?
+What is config.h?
 config.h is a source code file which is included by dwm.c, the main dwm source
 code module. It serves as the configuration file for all of dwm's features,
 e.g., application placement, tags, and colours. A vanilla download of dwm will
_AT_@ -12,13 +12,13 @@ contain a file called config.def.h, a template you can use to create your own
 config.h file. To start customising dwm, simply copy config.def.h into config.h
 before you run make.
-What is **config.mk**?
+What is config.mk?
 config.mk is a file included by Makefile. It allows you to configure how make
 is going to compile and install dwm.
-How do I modify **config.h**?
+How do I modify config.h?
 config.h can be edited just like any other C source code file. It contains
 definitions of variables that are going to be used by dwm.c and therefore it is
 vital that the file is always up to date. The default Makefile distributed with
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