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Date: Thu, 30 Apr 2020 04:12:29 +0200

commit f0008e43c5d6484e09387c0089b0770a58bd8453
Author: Kai Hendry <hendry_AT_iki.fi>
Date: Thu Apr 30 10:10:56 2020 +0800

    "There can only be one clipboard" patch for the new 0.8.3 release

diff --git a/st.suckless.org/patches/clipboard/index.md b/st.suckless.org/patches/clipboard/index.md
index fb6db659..beeb2268 100644
--- a/st.suckless.org/patches/clipboard/index.md
+++ b/st.suckless.org/patches/clipboard/index.md
_AT_@ -1,26 +1,21 @@
 one clipboard
-Free Desktop mandates the user to remember which of two clipboards you are
-keeping selections in. If you switch between a terminal and browser, you might
-this UX jarring. This patch modifies st to work from one CLIPBOARD, the same as
-your browser.
+The [Freedesktop
+requires you to remember which clipboard you are keeping selections in. If you
+switch between a terminal and browser, you might find this UX jarring.
-st by default only sets PRIMARY on selection since
-[March 2015](//git.suckless.org/st/commit/?id=28259f5750f0dc7f52bbaf8b746ec3dc576a58ee)
-according to the
-[Freedesktop standard](http://standards.freedesktop.org/clipboards-spec/clipboards-latest.txt).
-This patch makes st set CLIPBOARD on selection.
-Furthermore from `st-clipboard-0.8.2.diff` middle click pastes from CLIPBOARD.
+This trivial patch makes st set CLIPBOARD on selection, the same as your browser.
 You may want to replace selpaste with clippaste in your config.h to complete
 the affect.
+* [st-clipboard-0.8.3.diff](st-clipboard-0.8.3.diff)
 * [st-clipboard-0.8.2.diff](st-clipboard-0.8.2.diff)
 * [st-clipboard-0.8.1.diff](st-clipboard-0.8.1.diff)
 * [st-clipboard-0.6.diff](st-clipboard-0.6.diff)
diff --git a/st.suckless.org/patches/clipboard/st-clipboard-0.8.3.diff b/st.suckless.org/patches/clipboard/st-clipboard-0.8.3.diff
new file mode 100644
index 00000000..c1e0e9e4
--- /dev/null
+++ b/st.suckless.org/patches/clipboard/st-clipboard-0.8.3.diff
_AT_@ -0,0 +1,12 @@
+diff --git a/x.c b/x.c
+index e5f1737..5cabd60 100644
+--- a/x.c
++++ b/x.c
+_AT_@ -673,6 +673,7 @@ setsel(char *str, Time t)
+ XSetSelectionOwner(xw.dpy, XA_PRIMARY, xw.win, t);
+ if (XGetSelectionOwner(xw.dpy, XA_PRIMARY) != xw.win)
+ selclear();
++ clipcopy(NULL);
+ }
+ void
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