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    Update 20h profile to 2021 state.

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_AT_@ -1,19 +1,34 @@
-I am no longer part of suckless since 2016-09-28.
+I haven't been part of suckless from 2016-09-28. After problems in
+suckless have been resolved, I am back, maintaining dwmstatus at the
 I was the maintainer of st, surf, tabbed and more projects at suckless.
-For personal projects I work on see my [repositories](http://git.r-36.net).
+For personal projects I work on see my [repositories](gopher://r-36.net/1/scm).
+At Bitreich I keep developing the suckless philosophy further into other
+directions, including to other protocols, different aspects of culture
+and more projects.
+Bitreich Gopherhole:
+I maintain the gopherproject.org entry site to get people to use gopher:
+Personal Website:
+Personal Gopherhole:
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