[wmii] release management and repository change

From: Anselm R. Garbe <garbeam_AT_wmii.de>
Date: Mon, 19 Dec 2005 15:09:44 +0100

Hi there,

due to the short timeframe till Xmas we decided to make a deal
with all wmii users expecting wmii-3 in the next week.

The bad news is, that wmii-3 will not be released in the next
weekS. The good news is, that we're going to release wmii-2.5 on
Dec 25 as Xmas present, consisting of the state we had with the
20051114 snap and several backports of the development towards
wmii-3 (especially important mem leak fixes, renaming of all
wmii tools with wmii prefix, 9base dependency, and updated
documentation). This means that wmii-2.5 won't contain the
new libixp2 stuff and the new layout interface beside column

The fair thing is, that it will contain the new rc subsystem and
focus issue fixes.

The reason for the delay is, that we want prevent any major
changes in the core codebase after wmii-3 release, because we
won't be able to get everything stable in a week once 9P is
integrated completely. A realistic date for wmii-3 release might
be mid of February.

Another important info is, that we migrated from darcs to
mercurial now. The details about the repositories can be found

Those of you, who already used the hg repositories at

have to change the location in their .hg/hgrc as follows


The darcs repositories are still available for historical
reasons and reside in

        wmii.de:/repos/old/ (http://wmii.de/repos/old)

although there are no pushes anymore to them.

As you'll notice, there is a wmii-2.5 repository now, which
allows to track the release process which is done concurrently
to further development in the current wmii repository.

Yes, I know that the release management is somewhat 'like any
other IT business', sorry...


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