Re: [wmii] Re: wmii 2.2 packages in Debian ready for an upgrade?

From: Daniel Baumann <>
Date: Sat, 21 Jan 2006 20:09:23 +0100

Anselm R. Garbe wrote:
> Any chances to get 9base officially into Debian-stable?

No. Debian stable gets only security-updates.

As a service, provides backports from testing/unstable
packages in a half-officially mannor. That is where I will upload it as
soon as it enters unstable ( does only backport official
(as in accepted) Debian packages), just as I did it with wmii before.
Point your Debian stable users to

> I suppose you mean the version you packaged?

Yep. However, the decision to keep 9base, include rc-shell of 9base into
the wmii package, or even use the original rc-shell is something I will
decide after wmii-3 is released.

> Just to clarify, the original rc shell is included in 9base,
> instead the rc-shell[3] from Byron Rakitzis is not(!) the original
> rc shell.

I was unprecise: 'original' in the sence of 'first introduced in Debian'.

> Then it is better to depend on 9base, because wmii+9base SLOC is
> smaller than bash SLOC (and 9base is nearly a complete
> userland).

By including rc into wmii package, I ment to just put the binary into
the wmii binary package itselfs (and omit therefore all other 9base
tools completely).

> This is also because we plan to depend on mk from
> 9base in the future, to get rid of the nasty incompliances among
> different make implementations (GNU, BSD, Sun, whatever).

dooh.. and in a year, you shipp your own kernel? *kidding*

> If there are any good reasons to modify the structure of 9base
> to get better acceptance due packaging it, let me know.

It is acceptable, but I and others really doubt the usefullnes of having
a bunch of coreutils-alternatives as depends just for a window manager.

> If the static linkage is unwanted, no problem, it is
> just an option in 9base/ to uncomment.

I know.. the Debian packages are already built dynamically.

> Many thanks for your packaging efforts!

Thank you for the code ;)

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