Re: [wmii] Dear list

From: Marc Weber <>
Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2006 19:16:18 +0100

> > ixp: server: cannot bind socket: Permission denied
> > wmiir: cannot connect to server '/tmp/.ixp-marc/wmiifs-1138113351-13733'
> Looks to me that the filesystem in /tmp denies permission for
> user 'marc'. Wether it cannot mkdir /tmp/.ixp-marc or the
That was it!

Thanks. It worked as root and I did knew that I can write to /tmp but I
didn't know that some action had created /tmp/.ixp-marc/ with root

Now everything looks fine.
> > is compiled in you would have to add another variable like
> No, the Makefiles provide the $DESTDIR semantic which actually
> should be used for pseudo-roots, ie:
> DESTDIR=/tmp/pseudoroot PREFIX=/usr/local/9 make install
Didn't notice that either. Thanks! It works well. I think I didn't
because it's obvioulsy not set in config.mak
Now the ebuild works fine.
Perhaps I can contribute it? Do you know who did create the existing

And I like most that I can still use F1, F2, ... keys compared to vim
;-) Have to read the documentation now. Think I will like this wm even
more than treewm.

Nice work

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