Re: [wmii] Automatic startup - newbie

From: Denis Grelich <>
Date: Fri, 03 Feb 2006 23:19:38 +0100

Daniel Maier wrote:
> On Mon, Jan 09, 2006 at 03:14:17PM +0530, Renjith Rajan wrote:
>>1. How to start programs automatically at startup and bind them to specific
>>pages and frames.
> Starting is easy. Just start them from the same file/script, where
> you start wmii, and put them to background using &.
>>For example
>>- i want to start my mail client in the fourth page in the maximized mode.
>>- i want to start gaim in the second page and in the tiled format.
>>- browsers in the first page (maximized).
>>- xterms in the 3rd page.
> This is not possible, at least not with a clean solution. You could
> create pages, start clients, wait some time until it hopefully
> started, create another page, start, wait, etc.
> But this is quick and dirty and everything but nice

I believe EWMH is the right cue here. I don't know much about that
matter actually, as I only worked with the parts I needed myself, but I
suppose EWMH is going in the right direction. With more EWMH compliance,
I think wmii wouldn't need much of such hacks.

>>( I use .Xclients to start wmii. )
>>2. I use gaim, so, is there a method to automatically go to gaim window (or
>>the page where gaim is opened) when new messages are received ? (I have
> If you can execute something whenever a message arrives, you can
> tell wmii to change to that page, using
> wmmir write /wm/ctl 'select 2'
> or what page you want.
> But this is also a bad hack in my mind.

Especially IM's do make havy use of EWMH. So, particularly in this case
this would be the answer.

>>already enabled the raise IM window on events). Forgive me if it is against
>>wmii's goal or standard.
> I believe youll get some discussion:)

There actually were some attempts (more or less successfull) to add EWMH
functionality to wmii, and I'm sure any patch that adds to the current
state will be at least checked for usefulness ;)
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