[wmii] controlling clients based on their classes

From: jeff covey <jeff.covey_AT_pobox.com>
Date: Sat, 4 Feb 2006 21:47:47 -0500

thanks to daniel for the 9base and 2.5.2 debian packages; i'm enjoying this
release more than the one in debian.

i'm intrigued by these lines in garbeam's dotfiles:

# some broken WIMP apps:
wmiir create /wm/default/client/'xmms:*'/manage 0
wmiir create /wm/default/client/'Gimp:*'/manage 0

what else can i cause to happen based on an application's class? in
particular, i'm missing a feature i enjoyed with larswm, having specific
types of windows stick to particular pages. for an application like gnucash
which takes a considerable amount of time to open, i'd rather not wait for
it to open or risk having it suddenly thrust itself into focus while i'm in
the middle of typing something. it was much less nerve-wracking to launch
it and go ahead with what i was doing, confident that it was quietly opening
itself and waiting for me on page 3.

i've thought of writing a script which checks the classes of all the clients
every few seconds and moves any which should be somewhere else, but it would
be crude and still (i assume) involve losing control and watching the screen
change as the client is detached, the target page is selected, it's
attached, and the original page is re-selected. is there a more elegant way
this could be managed?

thanks for your time,

jeff covey

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