Re: [wmii] Re: IntelliJ 5.1 and wmii-2.5.2

From: Jani H. Lahtinen <>
Date: Fri, 10 Feb 2006 12:58:54 +0200

ext Alexandru E. Ungur wrote:

>What really made me switch over to WMII from XFCE was this:
>It says "**dynamic** window manager". That's what I loved about WMII from the
>first moment I installed and run it! That it DID take care of all the window
>placement for me, *especially* under special circumstances like running Cluster
>SSH for example. That's what made it great, and that's why I like it so much.
>Unfortunatelly I was a little dissapointed when I saw the WMII-3 snap... as all I
>was happy about WMII in the first place, the "dynamic" part was gone...
>I don't want to write custom scripts just to start an application, and neither
>should you want your users do that since, in your very own words:
> "Dynamic window management states that it is the window manager's job
> to manage windows - and not the user's job to have to set up some
> specialized layout that will only work for one specific work scenario."
>What happened to that...?
>I really don't want anything that wmii doesen't already offer and that your
>own words say it does offer. But seems to me that is no longer 100% true for
>the upcoming version.
>I just love WMII, (I even wrote a Wiki page(1) for it in the RLUG (Romanian Linux
>Users Group) website, so that people can see what a nice WM this is), and all I
>want is to be able to keep up with its progress, but if wmii-2.5.1 is perfect
>for me (and it damn well IS) and the upcoming versions will be less than perfect...
>I'll have to stick with 2.5.1 and not be able to enjoy the goodies you put in the
>3+ versions... :(
>Thank you,
Wellcome to the wonderful world of wmii Alex!

Don't worry too much. Wmii is very dynamic. In fact its development is
dynamically proceeding so fast it's hard to keep up ;-) Now that p9
integration is about finished the focus can get back to features, which
should now be easier.

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