Re: [wmii] formatting date in bar

From: John Magolske <>
Date: Mon, 20 Feb 2006 02:13:08 -0800

>> echo (`{date +%Y/%m/%d\ %a\ %k:%M\ %Z})

> Indeed... the plan 9 versions are what get called if you don't
>specify the full path,

Thanks, that helps.

> > I'd like to adjust text in the bar, removing "uptime" and setting
>date & time
>> to be like so: 2006/02/20 Mon 0:36 PST
>Don't waste time with things that are useless.

I'm used to this format, it's handy when placing the date in filenames so they
sort chronologically...just trying to set up my desktop to what's
comfortable for me.

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