[wmii] Control-? chord for MODKEY

From: Ami Fischman <ami.fischman_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 14 May 2006 23:19:03 -0700


I'm a long-time ratpoison user and just came across wmii today; still trying
to figure it out. I'm using the wmii-20060425 snapshot. I think I get most
of the UI/philosophy of wmii, but trying to change $MODKEY to control-a
(fingers are wired for screen/ratpoison) following the advice at
http://wmii.de/index.php/WMII/FAQ (i.e. use MODKEY='Control-a' in wmiirc)
results in funky behavior. Looks like the 'a' is interpreted as asking for
the action menu ($MODKEY-a later on in wmiirc). If I comment out the
MODKEY-a shortcut then I can use C-a as the modkey _as long as I keep the
control key pressed_ -- i.e. press ctrl, press a, release a, press enter,
release enter, release control launches a new term. What's up with that?
Is there a way to get wmii to let me let go of the control after the a
before counting MODKEY as pressed?

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