[wmii] [Semi-OT] libixp in wmii

From: David Tweed <tweed314_AT_yahoo.co.uk>
Date: Thu, 18 May 2006 08:20:27 +0000 (GMT)


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I've been looking at the libixp code in the wmii rc's with a view to possibly using
it within another program (in a way respecting the licence of course). Can I just
check the following points:

1) It looks like the ixp_server code gets to run the main select()-based event loop,
with non-ixp based interactions (eg, X events) being incorporated into that?

2) With the current code structure, would it be simple to restructure things so
something else gets to run the main select()-based event loop and then events on
the ixp fd's get passed on to the ixp code, or would that require insane amounts of
modification to libixp?

3) Is there any documentation/commentary relating how a particular path is related
to the qid stuff? (I can sort-of see where the filenames get identified, but looking
over the code it looks like there are some hardcoded assumptions about what
paths mean that result in not needing to extract the textual paths: maybe I'm misreading

Many thanks for any insight
cheers, dave tweed
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