Re: [wmii] wmii xsession file for dualhead

From: Uwe Voelker <>
Date: Mon, 22 May 2006 09:33:51 +0200

>>Moving the mouse and clicking in the second screen and Alt-Enter opens
>>the terminal on the first screen.
> This is a known problem and should be fixed in wmii-3.1 in some
> weeks. The problem is, that it didn't occured with Xnest
> multihead setups for me... But this might be related how Xnest
> handles pointer events.

I mapped two keys to this (lineak):

Backward = DISPLAY=:0.0 wmiiwarp 1 1
Forward = DISPLAY=:0.1 wmiiwarp 1 1

It works, but I find myself moving the mouse (and wondering my I can't
input) too often and the 1 1 is a bad position when using stacking (it
focuses the title bar and not the active window). It should save the
current mouse position and when the same head is activated again, it
reads it and uses this instead of "1 1".

I have waited since november for wmii-3, so I can wait for wmii-3.1 too.

> See for further info about
> multihead setups with wmii.

Thanks, very interesting.

I have a further question:
How can I send keystrokes to the other screen?

I would like to send cursor movements (up, down, page up, page down) to
the inactive head. So I could scroll a website or document without
leaving my "working session" (for instance when following an install guide).

Thank you very much,

bye, Uwe
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