[wmii] Bug in wmii-3 (2006-05-19) regarding bar

From: Stefan Tibus <sjti_AT_gmx.net>
Date: Mon, 29 May 2006 09:55:33 +0200

I just noticed a small bug regarding the bar in the wmii-3 release
(it's probably been there before as well):
As long as nothing is to be drawn on the bar, the bar does not get
drawn at all. I.e. if you start wmii without open clients and
without a status label, you see the same background as before in
the area where the bar has to appear. As soon as a view is created
or some label (e.g. status) is drawn the bar finally appears.

This is not very important as most people will have some status on
start-up and will open some view some time, but it's a bug...

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