Start on a WMII config in Perl (was: Re: [wmii] wmii-3 configuration - in Ruby)

From: Michael Ekstrand <>
Date: Sun, 4 Jun 2006 13:38:05 -0500

On Sun, Jun 04, 2006 at 05:28:57PM +0200, Steffen Liebergeld wrote:
> I'd like to read it. But please don't expect me to put lots of effort
> into it, since I don't have much time (studies, work ...).

I've published it now at <>.
It's quite rough, and needs a lot of work still (and isn't complete -
I'm not yet using it for my configuration). But the basic pieces should
be there.

And I'm not expecting others to spend time hacking on this thing. It's
mostly for fun and whatnot :-).

- Michael

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