Re: [wmii] Column size mismatch?

From: Christian Heinz <>
Date: Tue, 6 Jun 2006 18:06:13 +0200

On 16:29 Tue 06 Jun , Anselm R. Garbe wrote:
> No, this is a bad idea. As it looks to me, Ion uses only a single
> frame window for all managed clients pro workspace.
> wmii uses a frame pro window, this allows re-using the behavior
> for floating layer as well. If the gaps annoy you, use the same
> background color as unselected frames.

... loosing that fancy background image, which one still wants to see on
floating mode workspaces :) (btw: using a script which automatically
changes the background from a solid colored one to a png/jpeg, doesn't
seem to be a clean approach for this).

Fluxbox, for example, uses a fully maximized frame (taking up maximum
screen space) for displaying terminals, centering the terminal client in
both directions and filling the gaps between the terminal and the inner
edges of the frame with a black background. Seems to be just the
sequence in which the individual parts will be resized, when the user
resizes a window (will the xterm's number of rows/columns be determined
through its parent frame's size, or will the parent frame only be as big
as the xterms number of rows/cols requires it?).

Anyway, it's probably just a rather unimportant 'design' issue.

Btw: when opening Mutt (through an "xterm -e /usr/bin/mutt"-keybinding),
Mutt's interface will not display correctly until i make the first input
that requires Mutt to change views (e.g. switch from browser to mailbox
view or whatever). It does _not_ happen when opening mutt from a
previously opened xterm.

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