Re: [wmii] wmii-4 fs proposal/discussion

From: Anthony Martin <>
Date: Sat, 10 Jun 2006 03:16:21 -0700

Kris Maglione <> once said:
> I've got a few other problems, though. First, we shouldn't think of clients
> in columns having a width so much as columns having widths. I think that
> tags should have a file containing the widths of each column which should
> perhapps be writable. Either way, we'd change the width of columns in the
> coltrol file, not clients (floating clients excepted, of course).

Yes, I agree with Kris here. Clients should only have a height and
columns only a width. We would then have resize commands like the

        resize <col#> <left|right> (+|-)?<#pixels>
        resize <client idx> <up|down> (+|-)?<#pixels>

Although, the (left|right|up|down) options may not even be needed (this
was discussed in IRC).

> As for adjusting height, that's another issue that's heavily entangled with
> the new colmodes. I can think of two ways of dealing with it. One is to
> group clients into associations with visible frames, with n frames existing
> at once and 1 visible at a time. There would be a group file containing
> lines as: "<group no> <visible client> <height> <title>" and perhaps a
> boolean of whether to show 1 or all title bars. The other would be to give
> the index file "<col|~> <client #> <height>". Floating clients would have
> x, y, w and h in the index file either way.

I like having the client heights in the /tag/NAME/index file. To kill
two birds with one stone, we could have a file (say, /tag/NAME/cols)
that listed items like '<col#> <# of visible clients> <width>'.

Just a thought.


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