Re: bar on top [was: [wmii] wmii-3 release announcement]

From: ellotheth rimmwen <>
Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2006 00:26:36 -0400

On 5/21/06, Alexis Hildebrandt <> wrote:

> Please find attached another patch (this time in unified diff) which
> remedies this problem and places new floating clients right below the
> bar on the top of the screen, if they have not been configured
> differently (e.g. via ~/.Xresources). I just couldn't live with the
> shame of not having worked thoroughly ;)
> Note that the patch needs to be applied to the original sources
> contained in wmii-3.tar.gz (in other words: please reverse previously
> applied bar-on-top patches).

And here's the same thing again for the 3.1 release. (Caveat: I'm a
scripter, not a software developer; all I did was copy Alexis'
material. Working on my end, but your mileage may vary.)

ellotheth rimmwen
* monjoy *

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