[wmii] Trouble with wmiir

From: Kylie <kylie_AT_no-log.org>
Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2006 01:59:01 +0200

Hello !

I have some troubles with wmii 3.1, I installed it from pkgsrc-wip, then
I cped wmii-3/* in my home directory and checked permissions of files
and the path in wmiirc.

When I tried to startx I got the menubar, the clock with system load
tools. But then nothing seems to work, nor alt+t (wich make the screen
grey, then i can have it back with escape) nor alt + ctrl + a/p, etc.

I killed X and some messages appeared:

wmiir: cannot write file: command not support

Repeated two times.

Thanks for your advices ...

wmii 3.1 from pkgsrc-wip, netbsd 3.0, i386. wmii worked before i decide
to update it ...
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