[wmii] wmiirc with no explicit /keys writes; in rc for wmii-4 tip

From: Kris Maglione <bsdaemon_AT_comcast.net>
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 2006 23:10:28 -0400

I've written an wmiirc in rc which uses specially named functions to process
events. It takes advantage of the fact that rc stores functions as environment
variables to read the names of existing key processing functions and write
them to the /keys file, rather than requiring the user to do so explicitly.
Rather than using a switch-case event loop, as the default wmiirc does, it
reads the event names, modifies them to match a function, and evals them.
This script should behave almost exactly as the stock wmiirc (the one
noticable difference being that Mod-a and Mod-p input is now rc syntax).
Overall, I'm very happy with the outcome so far.

This, of course, requires the rc shell from plan9port and is written for other
plan9 utilities as well (sed, seq, uniq; It is written, also, for the "One
true awk" (which is used on plan9 but is not in p9p), though gawk may work).

You can find this wmiirc at http://rootshell.be/~kmagl/wmiirc

I've also posted a status script in rc: http://rootshell.be/~kmagl/status

Kris Maglione
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