[wmii] Meta key useless for emacs

From: <raloupower_AT_free.fr>
Date: Fri, 23 Jun 2006 09:54:13 +0200

hello !
I'm a four months user of wmii, and like it much.
As I am a emacs user, I've changed the control key = mod 1 to mod 4.
Till wmii-3, there's no problem : I can this way use wmii with emacs;
and everything's good. But, with last releases (3.1 or 4), I 've got
problems : changing mod1 to mod4 is no problem, but then the alt key
(mod1) can't be used with emacs : I get it printing some special
characters instead of usual behaviour (as M-x command). The esc key
works instead, but it's less easy, and I really want Alt to behaves as
the emacs meta key. Can I change it in some way ?

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