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From: Daniel Waeber <>
Date: Thu, 06 Jul 2006 00:56:58 +0200

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Anselm R. Garbe wrote:
> Hi there,
> I created a new snap of the wmii-4-current development branch:
> This one contains Kris Magliones fs-reimplementation and a
> starting point of editable tagbars...
> It is quite different to wmii-3 already, 4333 new lines in
> contrast to 4923 removed lines. That's why I refer to the hg
> cmmit log history for details.
> Regards,


I really like it that you try to find new ways in window-management, I
like it that you try to stay simple and minimalistic. that made wmii so
Thats why I began to wounder when I got this editable tag thing. What is
the motivation for the editable tag bar? You can easily accomplish
editing the tags with the wmiimenu. Or is there more behind editable tags?
It would be more helpful to get a TagClick, TitleClick and StackClick
or something like that when someone click inside the tag or
stack-position on the window bar, so the event-script can handle this
thing. I think this would be more powerful and less code as directly
editable tag.
Or did I not understand the way editable tag work? I did not find any
good informations about your next steps with wmii, so perhaps it makes
sense at some point. Please enlighten me ;)

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