[wmii] Re: wmii-ruby plugins for FreeBSD monitoring and XMMS monitoring/control

From: Joseph Le-Phan <five0.oss_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 15 Jul 2006 03:19:45 +1000

Andy Gimblett wrote:
> I've made some "ruby/wmii" plugins for monitoring various bits of
> status on a FreeBSD box, and also for XMMS monitoring/control.

Great work!

> The story: I've been using wmii for about a week and loving it. After
> three years of Ion I'm used to (and expect) dynamic window management,
> but the thing I really love about wmii is it's open-endedness and
> configurability. Lua was the number one thing which put me off Ion.
> :-)

I'm using wmii for the very same reasons

> Thus, this work, and this mailing list post. :-)

I'll be able to test this out on my -stable box at home later today.
Thanks for the contribution.

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