[wmii] Preparations for 3.5

From: Denis Grelich <denisg_AT_suckless.org>
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2006 06:22:17 +0100

Hello everyone,

I hope I can live up to the high expectations people put into me as the
new maintainer. Thanks for your trust in advance!

The next major steps I'd like to do are these:
Firstly, the release of wmii-3.5 should happen soon, I would like to
see this happen at the end of November. There are still some issues
with it that need to be solved!
Then starts the actual work: preparation of wmii-4. Since wmii is far
from feature-complete, there's quite some stuff to discuss and plan --
I'd like to have a more-or-less complete blueprint of the final window
manager before any big implementations are done. Anyway, there's time
for it after the release of 3.5.

So, I would like to invite everyone to contribute, be it by simply
participating in the discussion or even--and it's definitely highly
welcome--by providing source or lending a hand otherwise. You are also
encouraged to join the discussion on the wmii-hackers mailing list, if
you are interested in some under-the-hood changes.

The following issues with wmii-3.5 (most are inherited from 3.1)
come to my mind instantly. Some of it belongs to the wmii-hackers list,
but I find it inconvenient to split:

increment handling
  it was complained often and by many about how windows who rely on
  incrementation are handled. I would suggest to get rid of the margins
  around increment-handled windows by simply fitting the window inside
  the frame and filling the space inside the frame with black. Also,
  let's just get rid of the relaxation altogether, since increment
  handling doesn't fit into the dynamic wm paradigm anyway and those
  apps should be avoided/replaced.

mouse focus model/borders
  raise-on-focus has been identified as annoying. Even though
  it might simplify things, it would be more useful to
  have raise-on-click. To make this feasible, it is important to give
  back some functionality to the title bars and the borders, but that
  would raise even more questions. I suppose to postpone this issue to
  after 3.5, since the complete focus model is due to discussion anyway
  for wmii-4.

compiler compatibility
  Stefan Tibus sent in a patch working around some incompatibilities. It
  is applied to current tip, but it introduced some problems. I'll look
  into it on Thursday. The code should be cleaned up to standard C for
  the release.

addressing clients by session-unique IDs
  this is a somewhat more intricate issue. There have already been
  suggestions and patches, and it would be very good if some people
  could report about their efforts and what they thought of. There
  was a discussion about identifying windows by their X window id, which
  I think would be a usable solution. I hope to have the fs settled more
  or less for the release, so that extensions and scripts for 3.5
  wouldn't need a rewrite for wmii-4 (or at least not too much).

re-adding swap
  even though this adds yet another set of shortcuts, it is missed by

column/frame resizing
  visual aids when resizing frames and columns don't correspond to

  o DnD with gtk does not work
  o starting in the NULL view despite of rules that say otherwise
  o there are some seldom crashes with windows that misbehave badly,
    but that is shouldn't happen in nature anyway, so this is low

general code cleanups and refactoring, and finishing some stuff pending
from Kris' and Anselm's changes.

some changes on the wmiirc. Especially the fact that you have
duplicated shortcut definitions is not ideal.

It is also needed to update the documentation to at least reflect the
new fs. Porting the old wiki to the new format is not of topmost
priority either, since 3.5 is only an intermediary release, but also
because the new taggi doesn't look feature-stable yet.

I would be glad to hear opinions, suggestions and comments about these
issues and about what is not on this list.


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