Re: [wmii] Preparations for 3.5

From: Anselm R. Garbe <>
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2006 11:09:33 +0100

On Tue, Oct 31, 2006 at 10:53:04AM +0100, Uriel wrote:
> This whole discussion is completely pointless. The "gap" should only
> appear at the bottom of cols, and only if *all* the apps in that col
> ask for inc handling.

Well in that scenario you will get huge gaps, without any
relaxation algorithm which tries to optimize the available rest
space among the apps (and you get better results if you provide
the space to all apps than to the last app, in hg repo there has
been a version which implements your proposal, but it sucked like
pain in the ass, that's because I optimized the alignment.
However in hg tip this is not the case anymore (in wmii-3.x it's
the default algorithm), dunno the reason, but JG uncommented
some stuff for testing the alignments before he retired.

> >> >It is also needed to update the documentation to at least reflect the
> >> >new fs. Porting the old wiki to the new format is not of topmost
> >> >priority either, since 3.5 is only an intermediary release, but also
> >> >because the new taggi doesn't look feature-stable yet.
> >Obviously I need to repeat what I told: I asked for converting
> >the old wiki pages into markdown syntax. How taggi will arrange
> >the pages/tags is a different question. First we need the
> >available information in one place.
> In other words, you broke everything, and now want somebody else to do
> the dirty work for you. The world doesn't work like that: you broke
> it, you fix it. Some of us already have enough with having to repeat
> the same shit endlessly because you *never* learn.

I often think you have some problem to remember things
adequately. We discussed the switch to Markdown long ago, and
there was a taggi1 version with Markdown syntax already long
ago. Then JG told he will do a replacement in ruby or something
else, but he never did it. Then I decided if no one does it, I
have to do it. Now taggi2 works with Markdown syntax and I ask
people to convert the not-yet-onverted pages into Markdown.
So shut this fuck up please and stop insulting my intelligence.


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