Re: [wmii] Preparations for 3.5

From: Stefan Tibus <>
Date: Fri, 03 Nov 2006 13:49:17 +0100

On Tue, 31 Oct 2006 22:16:35 +0100 Denis Grelich wrote:
> On Tue, 31 Oct 2006 12:16:18 +0100 "Stefan Tibus" <> wrote:
> > And I'd like to see click-through then... It's very annoying if you
> > have the mouse over your client, it's defocused by keyboard-movement
> > and you want to click a button, but you have to click twice. BTW
> > this applies to the left button only, middle and right button have
> > click-through! (and ever had)
> Yes, but that haunted us since wmi, and no-one seemed to find the
> problem. As far as I have looked into it, other wm's don't have any
> code for this »feature,« this must rather be some oddity of wmii.
I'd suppose wmii is receiving the click instead of the client and
misses to hand it on, but I didn't look into the code and actually
don't know this handling works in X.

> Anyway, it would be enough to raise a window only after a click to the
> bar for now, since it will have focus anyway when the mouse entered its
> area. Click-to-focus can be discussed for wmii-4.
Well, the click-to-focus with clickthrough is useful, when the
mouse already is in the client area, but the focus has been moved
away. To refocus with mouse movement you'd have to move out and in
again, which is...well, annoying.

> > > compiler compatibility
> > > Stefan Tibus sent in a patch working around some
> > > incompatibilities. It is applied to current tip, but it introduced
> > > some problems. I'll look into it on Thursday. The code should be
> > > cleaned up to standard C for the release.
> > Well...that certainly was quick'n'dirty, just to get it work.
> It would be nice though if you could lend a hand here.
Well, yes. What I've seen is that we have to remove those anonymous
unions/structs imported from plan9. I removed the unions at all
(which of course is something different), because I didn't have to
introduce new names then. But this would be the clean solution. So
we just have to agree on some structure names...

> > > column/frame resizing
> > > visual aids when resizing frames and columns don't correspond to
> > > reality.
> > And there should be a proper interface regarding the resizing in
> > managed mode by keyboard-shortcuts as well then.
> I can live pretty fine without it, but if you want to see it
> implemented, I'm open for any more or less concrete suggestion.
Well, for now it's ok, these thought's are with respect to wmii-4.
If the visual interface will be cleaned up to make a column-resize
a real column-resize instead of client-resize, then the
keyboard/command-interface will have to reflect this as well.
I have to admit, that the mouse-based resize is easier to implement,
though. (think of: grow column, but left or right or both...?)


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