[wmii] Roadmap to 3.5

From: Denis Grelich <denisg_AT_suckless.org>
Date: Sun, 12 Nov 2006 20:26:20 +0100

Hello together,

after sifting through ml postings, irc archives, the source code and
some discussion I put up a roadmap for the release of wmii-3.5.


When wmiiwm meets the specification it's ready to be released. Several
parts (some more important than others), like the wmiirc and
colour schemes are left out of the spec on purpose. They are highly
customizable and I think that they should be discussed when it comes to
packaging and distributing.

Other issues that are left out from the todo-list and goals are issues
for wmii-4 and should rather be left alone for 3.5. This especially
includes mounting the fs under Linux, which is still problematic. I'm
not sure whether it's wmii's fault, or libixp's or the kernel module's,
but since libixp will undergo some development after 3.5, I'd like to
classify mounting the fs as not officially supported in wmii-3.5.

I'd like to hear questions, comments and annotations. If someone feels
like banging out some code, then his or her patches are very much
welcome ;)

A timeline isn't easy to define, so I try to avoid it completely. What
I'm tackling first are the algorithms for resizing and moving frames,
which will take around two weeks. Bear with us!


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