Re: [wmii] Cygwin build problem, libX11.dll.a

From: <>
Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2006 17:48:32 -0000 (GMT)

Jon Thoroddsen wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm fairly new to cygwin and completely new to wmii. I'm having a problem
> with building wmii 3.1 on cygwin. I have a fresh install of Cygwin, and
> have only added gcc, make, X11 base and X11 devel. It seems that the
> linker, for some reason, can't find libX11. The most obvious reason for
> that, is that the lib is actually named libX11.dll.a, rather than
> libX11.a. However, this shouldn't be a problem on cygwin, unless the build
> system was looking for the file by name.
> Is there anyone who has built successfully on cygwin and can tell me what
> I might be missing?

I was able to resolve this myself. I had to link to X11 after your libraries.

So I changed the Makefile in cmd and cmd/wm to read

LDFLAGS = -L../liblitz -llitz -L../libixp -lixp -L../libcext -lcext

instead of

LDFLAGS += -L../liblitz -llitz -L../libixp -lixp -L../libcext -lcext

and that worked.

Now to get it working with Cygwin/X .... Another post I guess.
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