[wmii] wmii patches

From: Stefan Tibus <sjti_AT_gmx.net>
Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2006 11:06:23 +0100

Hello all,

to keep wmii-development alive, you find attached my current
set of patches for dmenu-1.8, libixp-0.1 and wmii-3.5. They
are based on yesterdays (2006-12-17) download from the
dmenu-1.8-bottom: dmenu at bottom and size as in wmii
dmenu-1.8-sun: add Solaris options to config.mk
libixp-0.1-union: use named unions/structs in libixp
    this will need rework with respect to the naming
    but it fixes the issue with the previously anonymous
    unions/structs (which are not ANSI-C)
01_wmii-3.5-fs.c-union: named unions/structs within fs.c
02_wmii-3.5-libixp-union: named unions/structs for libixp
11_wmii-3.5-sti: some changes in the rc scripts
12_wmii-3.5-3colors: use 3 colors for focused, selected,
    not selected
Only the numbered patches have to be applied in order.

My main concern is that there should be something done
regarding this unions/structs issue, the way it is in the
repository now is no solution at all. However, I only see
activity on the dwm list within the last months... Have
all developers moved?


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