Re: [wmii] Snapshot release of 3.5 - Does not work!

From: Denis Grelich <>
Date: Sun, 14 Jan 2007 01:05:57 +0100

On Sat, 13 Jan 2007 22:31:32 +0100
Vincent <> wrote:

> Anselm,
> > I assume a broken compiler or Xlib here. The debugging process
> > looks as follows:
> […]
> > Also consider a broken Xlib or a broken compiler.
> Sorry for being late to answer.
> Happy new year to all. Frohlig Neujahr.
> Things are really strange. When I execute dwm or wmii from console,
> it just gives nothing. At the first key-combination event, it blocks,
> and goes dead. Nothing can be done (keyboard and mouse do not
> respond) except emergency exit through CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE.
> Now, when I execute dwii from ttyE1 instead of console (the first
> virtual terminal), situation is altered. No keypress work at start,
> but mouse is active and remains active even after several keypresses.
> If I now type CTRL-ALT-F1, as if I wished to return to console,
> nothing happens (no screen switch) but suddently the keyboard is
> woken up, so dwm works also. Well, at least for while, since after a
> random but relatively short time, X crashes. That is to say, I do not
> lose screen, but once again, everything freezes, even the mouse, and
> I cannot even escape with CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE. Yet, I am still able to
> shut down properly by pressing the power switch, which leads me to be
> sure that the kernel runs normally.
> Wmii seems to be dead whatever I do, console or ttyE1.
> I thought I'd be able to get gdb info by having to virtuals terminals
> on my screen and switch back and forth, but obviously that won't
> work. So I'll have to set up another box to get gdb running through a
> remote login.
> Have a nice Sunday
> Vincent

Could you try to run a terminal without a wm on the X server, and
launch wmii/dwm from there?

        startx `which xterm`

Does your system behave like that even without a wm? Does this
behaviour occur when you start the wm from the term?
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