Re: [wmii] wmii-3.6-rc1

From: Hans Hohenfeld <>
Date: Tue, 6 Feb 2007 17:29:52 +0100

On Mon, Feb 05, 2007 at 09:17:09PM +0100, Denis Grelich wrote:
> Hello everyone!
> There have been many, many bugfixes since 3.5.1; some of those bugs
> were critical, some were annoying, and some were rather subtle. To
> share the joy, we decided to pack together a new release, 3.6. Here's
> the first candidate:
> Check it out while it's still hot! Those are the changes from the
> release of 3.5.1:
> * the floating layer is finally almost usable:
> - moving the mouse cursor over a floating frame does not
> raise it automatically anymore.
> - windows can now be moved off-screen (but not completely,
> we don't want to lose them!)
> * moving frames in the managed layer now works too. You even
> can swap frames with the mouse. Try it, and report whether you
> like it!
> * GTK drag'n'drop is now working again
> * the bar is now resized on font change
> * fixed some serious bugs concerning tagging
> * a SIGCHLD handler has been added, no more zombie wmiirc's
> * the clients are now addressed in the 9P filesystem via their
> X11 window id: handy in combination with tools like xcompmgr!
> * some new events had been introduced: DestroyClient,
> CreateColumn, ColumnFocus, FocusFloating, DestroyColumn
> Most changes were contributed by Daniel Wber and Kris Maglione this
> time. Thanks Daniel, and welcome back, Kris!
> As you will immediately notice, borders around bar items have been
> brought back. With the default colour scheme it's rather ugly, isn't it?
> For this reason, we would love to see suggestions for a nicer theme that
> can cope with bar borders :)
> We hope you will enjoy it!
> Denis Grelich
> PS:
> For those of you who are annoyed by the borders around bar labels,
> here's a little hack to get the border-less behaviour back:
> Add two new variables, e.g. WMII_BAR_SEL and WMII_BAR_NORM, and set
> them to the colour tuples of WMII_SELCOLORS and WMII_NORMCOLORS
> respectively, except that you set the last colour to the same as the
> second. Then make lines 137 and 139 say WMII_BAR_SEL/WMII_BAR_NORM
> instead of the old variables.

I'm testing it since this morning and it looks great, good work, thank

There is only one thing that doesn't make much sense to me, don't know
if this was reported before.
If I tag a client with MODKEY+Shift+t with '*', a new tag is created
which has all the files of my home directory as name.


Hans Hohenfeld

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