Re: [wmii] xrandr support?

From: Andy Gimblett <>
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2007 10:21:17 +0000

On Thu, Feb 15, 2007 at 08:49:31AM +0100, Kai Grossjohann wrote:
> "Ivan F. Villanueva B." <> writes:
> > What about
> > exec wmii
> > in .xsession?
> The OP wanted to restart wmii in a running X11 session. In the above
> suggestion, X11 exits when wmii exits.
> With "while true; do wmii; sleep 5; done", a new wmii will be started
> after the first one exits, which is effectively a restart.
> Problem: how to exit X11 in that scenario?

In the past, I've had something like this in my .xsession:

while true ; do
  PICK=$(xmessage -buttons wmii,quit -default wmii -center -print Choose)
  case $PICK in
      wmii) /usr/local/bin/wmii ;;
      quit) exit ;;

In fact this was mainly for switching between WMs (I've stripped out
the other choices in this example). It's not always completely
successful because of zombie wmiirc instances, but it appears that
problem is being addressed? Anyway, worked reasonably well for me...

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