[wmii] New snap released. 20070218

From: Kris Maglione <bsdaemon_AT_comcast.net>
Date: Sun, 18 Feb 2007 21:57:37 -0500


I'm sorry to say that I've broken the chain of rcs and am releasing a
snap, instead. After the initial rc, it became apparant that it was not
worth fixing the show-stopping bugs without seriously refactoring the
related code first. Therefore, the next rc is slightly delayed, as I've
decided that certain rather large features and functionality fixes
should be completed before the release of 3.6. Before the release,
however, we'll do our best to constrain our departure from the
functionality of the 3.5 release.

You can get the new snap here:

You will also need a new libixp, due to API reversions, and a change to

Here are the more notable changes since 3.6.rc2:

* Allow wrapping when selecting columns via keyboard.

* Implemented a click-to-raise policy on the floating layer.

* Fixed the stacking order of the floating layer.

* Added grab-boxes, and click-to-drag (on clicking grab-boxes)

* Added notification of Urgency of applications and their tags.

* Make sure that the wrong clients don't have focus when on an empty
  floating layer or view.

* Added a rehash action to update the list of programs for Mod-P

* Make colrules size new columns, but not create them.

* Removed increment gaps in managed mode.

* Improved the 'relaxing' code, and decreased increment gaps when
  possible (not perfect yet)

* Bugfixes, cleanup, remove SunCC compatibility patch. Add
  adding/removing tags by writing +tag or -tag

* Replaced the xwrite function in wmiirc and status scripts with a
  command in ixpc.

* Fixed several bugs related to floating windows unexpectedly jumping

* Restored the swapping commands to the fs. There are no default
  keybindings for this, but the syntax is the same as the 'send' and
  'select' commands.

* Removed the 'selcolors' tuple. (Sorry, some of use really hate it)

* Changed the handling of keyboard focus so that windows aren't shown to
  have focus when other windows have grabbed it. (i.e. no window is
  shown to be in focus when dmenu is running, or you've started a
  keychain, and ssh-askpass always shows that it has focus).

* Fixed several minor bugs.

In addition, for any hackers out there, the code has been greatly
cleaned up, though there is still much more to be done.
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