Re: [wmii] problem with snap20070218

From: Alex Kritikos <>
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2007 23:01:55 -0600

The same thing happens to me, with both shell- and ruby-based wmiirc's.
Using snap20070218.1, I can pretty reliably get wmii to stop responding to
key events after I close firefox, when firefox is the last window with the
current tag. After I click a different tag in the LeftBar, everything is

Another thing: when I close a gaim (yes, I know) window, whether through
Mod1-shift-c, File->quit or "wmiir xwrite ... kill", wmii ends, and I'm
tossed back to the X display manger. This happens with the stock wmiirc and
my hacked-up ruby wmiirc.

Other than those two bugs, snap20070218.1 seems solid to me.


Alex Kritikos
"Don't it make you wonder which came first:
the insatiable hunger or unquenchable thirst?"
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