[wmii] Transient window bug

From: Chris King <colanderman_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2007 14:46:30 -0500


I recently upgraded to 20070218.1 and very much like what I've seen so
far. However I've encountered one particularly bothersome bug: if I
open a pop-up window in some application in one view, close it, and
later open the same pop-up from the same application but in a
different view, the pop-up will appear in the last view in which it
appeared, rather than in the current view. This seems to happen
regardless of whether the pop-up window is actually marked TRANSIENT.

With some windows, sending the pop-up to a different view will cause
it to pop up in that view in the future, but with other windows this
is not the case (cf. Firefox's Downloads window). Some windows do not
exhibit this bug at all (cf. Firefox's About window). I can post
xprop information of some other affected windows if this helps.

Apologies if this is already addressed in hg tip.

- Chris King
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