Re: [wmii] dual screens?

From: Jason LaPier <>
Date: Thu, 1 Mar 2007 09:07:34 -0800

Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I got my xserver set up to use
two displays and got an instance of wmii running on each. In my
extensive experience with this setup (one day) I've found that the two
instances work pretty independently. If I use a tag called "web" on
one and one called "web" on the other display, they're not connected
in any way. Everything works as you'd expect if you had two computers
running wmii sitting next to each other, except they're sharing a
mouse and keyboard (and clipboard).

I realize this may not be ideal for some people, but this is exactly
what I was looking for. The one drawback is that I have to take my
hands off the keyboard if I need to switch screens on the display I'm
not working in - but that's ok, I primarily have log files running on
that screen, so I'm not interacting with it as much, just referencing
it (I have to admit, I'm not a 100% keyboard type anyway, I'm still a
habitual mouse user).

As for the two column and spanning-display suggestion - that sounds
good to me, but unfortunately I'm using monitors with two different
resolutions - one is widescreen, the other is not. I tried it that way
at first and (as you might expect) the column split was somewhere off
center of the widescreen display. I know there are ways to change that
column split, but the other problem was one screen is 1050 pixels
high, and the other is 1024 - so the menu was cut off the bottom of
the slightly shorter display. Two X displays is really the best
solution for me.

Thanks again,

- Jason L.

On 3/1/07, Mark Gibbens <> wrote:
> On 28/02/07, Jason LaPier <> wrote:
> > I feel like I would like
> > to manage a couple tags on one screen and a couple on the other, so
> > this may not even be possible
> I believe there is a major problem with showing multiple tags at the
> same time. Windows can have multiple tags, so you could end up with a
> situation where you're asking wmii/xorg to display the same window
> twice with potentially different dimensions.
> Apparently, if it's even possible, this would require ugly coding.
> Best wishes,
> Mark.

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