[wmii] missing statusbar events

From: David McNab <rebirth_AT_orcon.net.nz>
Date: Wed, 30 May 2007 16:45:11 +1200


I'm writing about the problem raised earlier on the irc channel, about
status bar mouse events missing from the event feed.

To be sure, I've:
 - tried both snap and hg test versions
 - tried with pywmii and with default wmiirc shell script
 - clicked on all areas of the status bar - tabs display and right side
 - used all key combos - none, Mod4, Mod1, capslock on and off etc

JohnGalt suggested I sprinkle some debug messages through the code. But
I thought to take this to the list, in case others may have seen similar

My environment is Ubuntu x86 running X.org.

Where in the code should I be looking for issues, and what particular
code paths should I stick the printf's in? Any other tips for hunting
down the problem?

I'd really like to get statusbar events working, so I can start building
some wmii applets.

Thanks in advance

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