[wmii] More info on stuck wmiir

From: Benjamin Berck <berck_AT_amazon.com>
Date: Thu, 07 Jun 2007 16:52:07 -0700

I still have the problem where wmiir hangs when executing

  wmiir write /colrules

from within wmiirc

I recompiled with debugging symbols, and attached a debugger, and I see
the function sequence.

It's trying to mount fd=3, and goes into
   ixp_mount -> ixp_mountfd(3) -> dofcall

 From here, it does an ixp_sendmsg(3, ...) and then an ixp_recvmsg(3, ...)

It's the recvmsg that just hangs. The rest of the backtrace is

 readn(3, <ptr>, 4) -> mread(3, <ptr>, 4) -> read(3, <ptr>, 4)

And it's hanging on read.

wmii is running and waiting on a select(4, ...).

So everything seems to be in order, yet wmiir write /colrules never
returns. If I kill that one, it gets stuck on the next wmiir read or
wmiir write.

The socket just never gives anything back....
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