Re: [wmii] xkb state info?

From: Bernhard Weitzhofer <>
Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2007 18:55:44 +0200


Boo_boo wrote:
> does anyone know how to read xkb state info (current keymap, LEDs) without C programming?
> got a wireless keyboard without hardware LEDs, wanna see xkb LEDs in wmii status bar,
> but it seems that all present utilities that can read xkb state doesn't like to give it back via stdout, but prefer to display it graphically in some eye-appealing manner, which is completely useless for me.

I think, we might have similar keyboards - mine has no LEDs either)

'setxkbmap -v' prints some stdout-info for me (keymap and so on).

Concerning LEDs, this issue I ignore: I've turned numlock on all the
time (there's even a Debian-package called numlockx for turning numlock
on when X starts), and the darned caps lock key I never needed my whole
life (not even when SHOUTING at people :). once I discovered one can set
the xkb-option ctrl:nocaps (iirc) in xorg.conf to replace capslock with
an additional ctrl-key, this problem was also taken care of ...


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