[wmii] XPM support in status bar

From: Alexey “drdaeman” Zhukov <wmii-ml_AT_public.drdaeman.pp.ru>
Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2007 18:18:45 +0400

Hello, All

About two months ago I've hacked some little patch to make wmii display simple
XPM images instead of text in the statusbar. I've tried to implement some
kind of "tray" support (as an external application, of course) since then,
but failed due to lack of knowledge and time.

Since than, I've never ever used this feature (lol), so, now I understand why
this idea was already rejected once - it just adds bloatness (85 SLOC and
dependency on libXpm), but isn't as useful as I thought. I still lack tray
support for Psi (my jabber client of choice), though.

Well... Whenever this is somehow useful or completely isn't, I feel like
publishing the patch. Maybe somebody more clever than I will make some
interesting use of it...


It applies to the 2007-05-16 snapshot, as available in wmii+ixp-20070516.tgz.
Also, there is a Gentoo .ebuild with "xpm" flag there.

P.S. Sorry if my English is weird or incomprehensible. It is not my native

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