[wmii] [ANN] wmii 3.6 released

From: sqweek <sqweek_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2007 00:56:29 +0900

 After much procrastination and sitting around on our asses, suckless
has released wmii 3.6!
 You'll find it at http://suckless.org/download/wmii-3.6.tar.gz
* New colour scheme!

 Yep, that's all. Hey, it worked for pok√©mon!
 ...Just kidding. We also broke fullscreen support.

 Okay seriously, new features since 3.5.1:
* Move and resize windows with the mouse[1]
* Make clients visible in multiple tags[2]
* Move floating windows partially off screen
* Application independent fullscreen functionality[3]
* Support for the aspect ratio window hint
* Support for urgent window hints[4]
* Drag and drop in GTK apps and xprop support[5]

[1] Resize columns by dragging the triangle dividers at the top of the
screen or the [tiny] border between columns. Move/resize clients by
dragging their grabbox (the box at the top left of the window).
[2] Tag a client as 1+2+www and it will appear in tags 1, 2 and www.
Tag it with +www and it will appear in the "www" tag in addition to
what it was already tagged, or -www to remove it from the www tag.
[3] MOD-f to toggle, or right click a client's title and select
Fullscreen (you need MOD-f to get back).
[4] Urgent hints change the colour of the client's grabbox and
generate an UrgentTag event, which the default wmiirc uses to mark the
tag with a *.
[5] Thanks wabu!

 Finally, there are a couple of filesystem/wmiirc interface changes.
Now, everything is similar enough that the CONFVERSION hasn't changed,
so wmii-3.6 still looks in ~/.wmii-3.5, but if you've got custom
scripts there's a couple of things to watch out for:
* X11 window ids are now used to identify clients instead of an internal wmii id
* /tag/*/ctl contains information about the focused column/client and
column modes instead of just the tag name
* /colrules doesn't cause new columns to be created on client creation
anymore, it just specifies the % size of each column when they get
* WMII_MENU, WMII_TERM and WMII_9MENU are now quoted and need to be
eval'd, so that everything still works when WMII_FONT contains spaces

 Alright. It's been a long time coming, and could certainly be better
(see NOTES for a list of known bugs), but here we are. Let us know of
any problems.
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