[wmii] keys in wmiirc 3.6 in debian

From: Ivan F. Villanueva B. <wmii_AT_artificialidea.com>
Date: Sun, 25 Nov 2007 14:31:55 +0100

I've just updated the Debian testing package of wmii (3.6~rc2+20070518-3). To
be honest, I don't understand the new config file wmiirc, and thus I'm unable
to get my config back. For instance I tried to put a test like:

        Key $MODKEY-i
            tags=`wmiir ls /tag | sed '/^sel\//d' | sed 's/\/$//g' | tac`
            echo "$tags" > /tmp/debug

but $MODKEY-i is not catched by wmii. How do I change it?

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