[wmii] libixp adding 24 trailing NUL bytes to Rread?

From: Suraj N. Kurapati <snk_AT_gna.org>
Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2008 23:44:07 -0800


I am using hg tip of both wmii (at 2266:3209815c2cec) and libixp (at
88:3e1f5e86e99b). When I try to read the content of a directory,
the Rread fcall I get from wmii has 24 extra NUL bytes at the end.

I think wmiir does not have a problem with this because strings are
null terminated in C, so the extra bytes are (effectively)
automatically removed.

However, my Rumai IXP client is seeing these extra NUL bytes and
choking while trying to parse a Stat object from them (reading a
directory yields a stream of Stat objects).

Thanks for your consideration.
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