Re: [wmii] Need help with mailnotifier, I am confused

From: Alex Kilgore <>
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2008 07:54:27 -0500

> I know that the script could be anything (ruby, perl .sh etc.) and should be
> placed in my .wmii-3.5/ dir, but what should be placed in the echo line in
> the statusbar section in my .wmiirc file ??
I have a mail notifier on my system that I wrote in Perl, The way that I
managed this was to get the script to write the formatted number of
messages to a file (in this case below it was called "mail") and i had
wmiirc echo the contents (using cat) to the status bar
so my status function in the wmiirc looked something like:

        echo -n "$(cat '/home/alex/.wmii-3.5/mail')" " $(date +'%l:%M')"

I think I could have found a way to call the script from wmiirc directly
but this seemed to make more sense to me because I am using the message
count for other things too
I am not sure if this is a good way to do this or not
Hope that helps.
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