Re: [wmii] Need help with mailnotifier, I am confused

From: Alex Kilgore <>
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2008 13:59:24 -0500

Im gonna have to think that one through, offhand I am not sure what causes

 but I realized theres one problem with doing a ls -al here, it shows . and
.. and also it shows a total, so you might want to use
$mail = `ls -Al | wc -l`;
and you could incorporate the formatting when you actually write to the file
so it would be like
print STAT "$mail"." messages";

> When I run the script this directory shows in my home:
> /etpipe_decode=$my_pipe_decode;unsetmy_pipe_decode
> and it contains the 3 dirs in my INBOX. new, cur, tmp
> ???? Not shure though what causes this :-/
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