Re: [wmii] Strange output when closing x

From: Pontus Andersson <>
Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2008 23:15:38 +0100

Suraj N. Kurapati wrote:
> Daniel Roethlisberger <> wrote:
>> sqweek <> 2008-02-26:
>>> Is there a reason it should?
>> Maybe to disambiguate a clean exit from a crash? To
>> avoid the error message? Or even just to avoid
>> irritating users (as opposed to developers)?
> I agree. Why can't we have wmii write "Quit\n" on
> /event in response to us writing "quit" on /ctl?
> Think of "Quit\n" as confirmation of our "quit"
> request to wmii. Our wmiirc can then exit/clean up
> gracefully upon reception of this confirmation.

I also think that a Quit event would make sense, in order to let
everything quit more gracefully. There is almost always a reason to quit
things the "right" way (not at least from a semantics perspective).
Maybe a bit exaggerated example for this, but is there any reason not to
turn off your computer by pressing the power button instead of shutdown
-h now? Or using kill -9 $(pidof <insert_your_favourite_app_here>) to
close an application?

Anyway, that's just my opinion :)

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