Re: [wmii] Strange output when closing x

From: Pontus Andersson <>
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2008 12:57:33 +0100

sqweek wrote:
> What the fuck is ungraceful about waiting for a socket to close
> before exiting? For fucks sake, this isn't fucking gnome, we don't
> have 240 dcop connections and 16 daemons that need to shutdown when
> the wm exits. In any case, you don't need a contrived Quit event to do
> such cleanup, just put it in wmiirc after the fucking event loop.

Woh, I apologise if I offended you in any way; that was not my intent.

> -sqweek, who doesn't want to hear any more crap about a quit message,
> but is somewhat curious why wmiir gets a broken pipe instead of a
> normal EOF

Maybe wmii doesn't close the socket properly when shutting down.

> PS. You completely missed Andrej's point, Pontus.

No, not really. Actually, I think he missed my point (my questions was
just rhetorical). Anyway, maybe a Quit event is not needed, nor is it
the optimal solution, but something is obviously wrong since it doesn't
shut down properly.

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