Re: [wmii] questions and suggestions

From: hiro <>
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2008 11:17:57 -0500

> - Is it possible to move to next view using arrows?
> - Is it possible to rename an existing view?

Wmii has an easy file system based interface. I recommend looking at
the scripts, like rc.wmii or, in case you don't have p9p, wmiirc. if
you haven't read the man page yet, read it. You can play around and
set your own actions there. You would i.e. rename an existing view
with a script, which looks for the clients of the current view and tag
them with something else.
everything is possible...

> - it would be useful to shade a floating window (leaving only the
> window title bar), (e.g. by double clicking on the bar, or choosing
> from the right-click menu);
I don't think so, and perhaps you will come used to wmii's way. But it
would be nice if one could decide that for one self, too.
Some people think it would be nice to have that tag bar interface in
the filesystem, but somehow the development got stuck in this aspect.

> - It would be useful also to have the name of the floating windows
> appear in the status bar (or in a menu in the status bar, like the
> menu for programs) and to click on the name to focus and rise or to
> hide the window
It seems useful to you, but you could use an other view if it's
getting too complicated. By the way, I can use gimp without any
problems in managed mode.

> - Finally, a less important point. What about being able to tab
> windows (like in fluxbox or in ion3), and not only to stack them?
Like you probably already discovered, wmii is unique in this point.
Try working with acme i.e. from plan9port a little. We all like this
behaviour and think it's superior to tabbing.

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