Re: [wmii] Preparation for 3.7 Release.

From: hiro <>
Date: Sun, 18 May 2008 07:24:35 -0400

> > I too would VERY much like to be able to disable the window
> > collapse "feature" in default mode.

Hehe, It's a just that I got to live with it. It is a bug of course.
And I especially don't think it's important at all.
The thought which would lead me to collapsing windows was like: how
can I grow this other window? But there needs only to be a way to grow
windows. I don't *want* to shrink them. This would only be a side

> Create a menu item, then. I'm not really willing to add a new row just to mess with columns.

I don't think there should be an other row either. I think the best
way of creating a new column by mouse would be double clicking on the
top-most bar at the position where a divider shall appear.

But I don't really see why you are trying to put a lot of these
features inside wmii. Are you trying to restrain the EWMH stuff and
only export the "legal" actions? Where do you really set the goal now?

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